One day in a peaceful morning in Club Penguin, there was a girl named Shaina. Her full name was Shaina Santner. She was a trader. She trades alot with her friend, Lyndel. "I'm so bored... Maybe I could trade with my friend." Said Shaina. Shaina got out of her bed. She opened her pink purse and looked through for perfect stuff to trade with her friend. Shaina got out a bracelet. The bracelet was white and pink. She zipped her purse. Shaina ran out of her room and opened the door. It was beautiful outside Club Penguin. Shaina flipped her green and long hair and walked to Lyndel's house. Shaina knocked Lyndel's door. Lyndel opened the door. "Oh hello!!" Lyndel said with a smile. "Hi, wanna trade stuff?" Asked Shaina. '"Nah, I don't feel like trading..." Replied Lyndel. "You love traveling right? Lets travel somewhere!" Said Shaina. "Oh yeah, lets go traveling! Traveling is fun!" Added Lyndel blushing her blue long hair. "But where should we go?" Asked Shaina. "How about The Top Mountain?" Replied Lyndel. "Sure!" Replied Shaina. Lyndel closed the door. Shaina and Lyndel walked to the Ski Hill to The Top Mountain. Shaina looked down. "How can we go down the Top Mountain? We cant just fall down here, we will get hurt!" Asked Shaina looking worried. "Oh no, I forgot to bring stuff! I guess we are gonna have to walk down here carefully..." Replied Lyndel.

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