Chapter 1, An Unexpected Morning                                                                                                                    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

YAWNNNN! I, Magnet Mario, woke up in my cosy home. It was a new day in the Club Penguin World where everything is there that you could ever imagine. I was eating breakfeast when I heard a LOUD knock on the door. I changed and went to the door and opened it and BAM! I got by a hard snowball and fainted. After a few hours I woke up and saw that I wasn't in my cosy home any more, I was in a room where they had jail cells and I was in one of them. Then, I saw Yellow Penguin that looked like a robot with a puffle that had a wierd hat. The Yellow Penguin said to the Puffle: "Open this up so he can get out R2-D2." "Bleep Bleep Bloop," answered R2-D2 and then, the door was gone. "Hello sir, lets get out of here now!" answered the Yellow Penguin. 

To Be continued...