One day, Herbert born with a good situation and cute.

Fairy Godmother 1: I will make him good!

Fairy Godmother 2: Yes you're right with that!

Fairy Godmother 2: I will make him cute and huggable and exclusively, a geek!

At that day, The word OMG created.

Fairy Godmother 1: OMG!!!!!! :O

At that day, Herbert grown nice and enrolled on a school named "The Penguin Bear University" and started to be "Top 1" on the achievers list.

Herbert: *shows medal*

Herbert: Best on English, Best on Country Trivia, Best on Math, Best on Following Our God, Best On Grammar aka English, Best time went to school, dferygfyergferyfgreyfgfygfyergfyergfyfgeryfg

Father Herbert: Nice work son.

At the day that he's adult, He has a step father. When they have a wedding with her mother, He ran out the wedding and started crying on a back of a tree.

After 3 years, He started getting angry, Ruined the world, Fairy God Mothers doesn't come back to punish him.

The end


(this story is not true and just a fan fiction)