Ebakas. Latest in Secret Agent technology. My neighbour Ebakas is just about to go on her first mission![1]I got hold of Ebakas and led her to Herbert’s Base.

“There’s Herbert!” she whispered. Eba Flare and I hid behind a safe. Klutzy went past. We saw captive puffles in a laser cage. [2]Eba ran to save them but I stopped her. 

“We will rescue them later when Herbert isn’t around,” I said. Then, “He’s gone. Get the puffles and I’ll destroy the machines.”

I pushed two signal senders together. A fire started. [3]“LET’S GET OUTTA HERE!” I screamed to Ebakas, as she rounded up the puffles.

We both teleported to the EPF HQ.

“Mission accomplished!” we said to G and went back home.

The End