TTLogoby Jess0426

"Hello Sensei, What do you got there?" A ninja said. "Travelers Tea. It teaches penguins Card-Jitsu by the second." Sensei said back. "AWESOME!!!" Ninja said. "DRINK IT NOW!!!!!"  Sensei said. "Ok ok ok." Ninja said. "Taste weird." Ninja said. "THAT IS HOW IT IS SO POST TO TASTE!!!" Sensei said. "No I mean like bubble gum mixed in a chocolate donut." Said Ninja. "Yes that is how Travelers Tea tastes." Sensei said.


Later in the dojo the tea spilled. But the tea was glowing. Sensei was not at the dojo. The ninja said... "WHAT IS GOING ON!!" Sensei came in SLAMING the door. "THE TEA WAS MADE FROM FIRE!!!" Sensei said. "HOW COME YOU DID NOT TELL ME THAT EARLIER!!!" "SO YOU MEAN I WAS DRINKING FIRE!!!" Ninja said. "HECK YEAH!!!!!" Sensei said. "AHH!!! WHY!!!" Ninja said.

Part 2