--the video is in there also but.. UGH nevermind ok-- my Cp story starts from

my igloo. when i was playing the game Conversation Parade look at outside statrs to be rain then i got a dream but its realy hard to explane cause all i see just curium, astatine, curium, astatine, And cerium. when the time i go to a hindduism temple everyone is being recorded on a movie Named PK sorry it just means drunk. Okay after wakes up im too lazy to awnser the phone then i went to the EPF. when i was helping gary the gadget guy i start help him making a formula so i was pour water in a cup then put a sodium to the cup it starts to be bomb so i plan to build the robot when it was bomb it was beacose herbert stole the correct sheet then put the incorrect sheet. so if i mean the formula was H2O + Na = H2ONa3 then wehn the robot will be taking the sheet started too be destroyed. then when EPF was destroyed we need rory's help