Standing on top of the o berry bush, Toppie the blue puffle started to think,"what are we going to do?". Dotty the purple puffle said "what do you mean?"   "Well can't you remember? We got lost stuck in the forest and so did our owner'' said Toppie.  Dottie said well we where just talking about eating, we have  a o berry bush here.'                   the next day....

Dee Lu the pink puffle said 'Guys! I found the mine! Dottie and Toppie said "YAY." When they got to the mine they saw alot of penguin's because of the opening of the club penguin universtiy. One of the youngest penguin's saw the three puffles and asked "hello there, what are you doing here? are you lost? The puffles where wondering how the penguin would under stand them. after a while they find out that the penguin had been turned into a puffle, now can understand puffles. 

The penguin took the puffles to the everyday phoning factory and called the  club penguin times and said that he found the missing puffles and AA said "ok can you please take them to the top of the coffee shop."                            when the penguin was taking the puffles to the top of the coffee shop Dee Lu said  ''I really miss our owner." " Me too " said Toppie same said Dottie

when they got there they got really suprised as they saw there owner and lots of penguin's. it  was a finding party!       Toppie, Dottie and Dee Lu where over joyed  but the finding party was just a dream but they where still over joyed