The Walking Sled is my first Club Penguin Video I will make. It will be videos, considering the fact that it is an online interactive. It is about Snakeare and two other users finding out their is a sled with feet, The Walking Sled, and it will kill all of them. It will be not gory unlike all of the Club Penguin horror online interactives so it would be rated G or PG. 

The beginingEdit

 Snakeare and his friends are at a Cinema, watching the horror movie Zombie Attack. Snakeare comments on how cheesy the effects are, and says Club Penguin is the most boring island on Earth, and that he wants to go to Rockhopper Island. They go on a ship to the island, which takes a day, so Snakeare and friends decide to fall asleep on the journey. Snakeare wakes up, only to be in the ocean, in a destroyed ship. Snakeare wakes the others up and tells them that their ship crashed in the middle of the night when they were not sailing it. They decide to investigate, or stay their.


 Snakeare and the others sail out on a boat on inner tubes. They wreck the boat and tubes, and end up crashing back on Club Penguin. They end up on ski hill where the tobbogan with the poster for game upgrades is shaking.

More soon