SATURDAY 3rd December 2016

-NOOOOOOO-Aunt Arctic shout

-What's the matter? - said Rookie


-Ummm... what are you talkin abo...


-Sorry for interupting ya but i was testing my Boom Machine 3000. It's good- Gary said

-No problem-Rookie said


- What Golden Puffle

The Detective Oriwier45 comed in.

-Golden Puffle ya say.Let's look at the crime scene. Hmmm. Pizza. Someone who did it ate a pizza. Rookie? You are eating pizza right now.

-What??? It wasn't me. I was catching waves with my friend Susie.

-Let's look again. Cream soda. It's the fuel for the jet pack. Call Jet Pack Guy. Now

5 minutes later.

- So you are telling you didn't do that?- Oriwier said

-I definitely didn't do that- JPGuy said

-Wait! Ive got a camera in my house!-AA. said

-Then let's see it.-O.45 Said

On TV they saw someone who had a beta hat and Hawaian Lei anddddddd...... Was dancing?...

-Sorry. It's my boyfriend- AA said

-Boyfriend?-G said

You will know more in the next part