It Was A Fall Dark And Stormy Night On October 30,1904.There Was An Old Man Who Owned A Mansion On Oak Woods Street.There Was One Creepy Thing About Oak Wood Street,You Could Here A Terrible Scream Like The Banshee Ghost An Urban Legend.The Man Was Very Old And Deathly Ill.He Had 6 Puppies.He Had A Old Haunted Mirror From The 1700's In His Room.That Very Mirror Was Cursed By The Halloween Hound.The Old Man Died On That Fall Night Of October 30th.His Soul Was Haunting The Very Same Mansion Over 90 Years Or More.Many Years Later The Mansion Still Stood There.That Very Year Of 2014 Was The 1000th Year Of The Halloween Hound's Return.There Were Students Visting That Very Lot On The Same Day The Old Man Died.There Were 6 Freinds With 6 Dogs.The Halloween Hound Needed 6 Puppy Souls To Return To The Human World To Adventure.Avery One Of The Six Freinds And Her Dog Sabrina Were Dressing Up For The Halloween Party.There School Had To Do A Halloween Report.They Knew That The Dective Of The Police Station Was Open And Had Many Peices Of Evidence For Every Case.The Officer Gave One Of The Boys A Wizard Staff That Once Belonged To The Old Man.Mason Was The One Who Needed The Magical Staff For His Presentation.As He Got Home He Went To The Mail Box Filled With Halloween Party Invitations And Letters.The Most Intresting Thing That Mason Found Was A Haunted Mansion Party Invitation From 1904.It Was There Magically.He Was Scared.It Was Halloween Night.Everyone Dressed In There Coustmes Inculding There Dogs.They Headed Towards The Mansion.They Went To The Mirror.The Repeated This Sentence 3 Times Halloween Hound,Halloween Hound,Halloween Hound! Suddenly A Very Strong Wind Blew And A Strong Vortex Fircely Opened And Out Came The Halloween Hound! They All Layed On The Ground From The Strong Vortex Magic!