MinerPenguin was bored. His igloo was a mess. It just had a pile of furniture: a couch, a sandbag, an armchair, a pilow, a table, a fridge, a stove, a sink, a cupboard and a canon. His five puffles (Boardy, Snowy, Fliey, Painty and Bolty) were trying to cheer him up. Bolty (a brown pufffle that fell near Miner's place when flying in a rocket) picked all the furniture and built a nice machine called 'SOMETHING 3000'. The other puffles and Miner noticed. Then, all the puffles entered the machine. Snowy (a white puffle) found by Miner, Boardy, Fliey, Colory and Bolty in the Ski Hill) was very afraid. The SOMETHING 3000 settled on fire! Miner and Snowy ran to a pond near Miner's igloo.

MinerPenguin: Hey, he was on my shoulder!

Me: Quit!

Miner got some water in a bucket. Back home, they extinguished the fire but as they entered the SOMETHING 3000 they were teleported Mener didn't know what to do. Boarder (Miner's red puffle) entered the canon but the others told him to be calm. Finaly they landed.

To be Continued...