rockhoppers error might be a little silly at first but please help by editing this story Club penguin

Chapter1:Rockhoppers arrivalEdit

It was one normal day at club penguin well OK you got me almost a normal day because rockhopper was arriving. "Rockhopper treasure please!"called a aqua penguin. "Hello fellow penguins!" shouted rock hopper at the top of his voice "Unfortunately I lost my way to me treasure I I ment ye treasure." "What are you gonna do?"asked Superpengy22 "err can I have your autograph please rockhopper?" "Ye can matey."said rockhopper "if ye show me ye faveorate game." So Superpengy22 showed Rockhopper his faveorate mini-game and of course got rockhoppers autograph but Superpengy22 bumped into cadence and got her autograph too. "This is my lucky day yet!" Said Superpengy22 joyfully "hmm who first cadence or rockhopper?" Rockhopper spent a long time trying to turn the machine on he even tryed to feed it stinky cheese but finally it turned on but it didn't go on as normal it err you would mind hearing this part if you don't then you would be safe to skip this part OK? As I was saying the machine sucked rockhopper!

Chapter 2 rockhopper:the guest of thin iceEdit

Yep the machine sucked rockhopper straight into the arcade game thin ice. "Someone help me I'm stuck in this silly thing!"screamed the bitter rockhopper. As soon as cadence was about to close the night club and go out she heard rockhopper and went to the arcade to check it and she saw rockhopper in the thin ice machine. "Rockhopper?!" said cadance "how did you get in there?" "Me I thought ye would know why that happend?" Said rockhopper Cadence thought for a moment and got G. "Hmm this looks serious rockhopper have you tryed to give the machine stinky cheese?"asked G "Yes," replyed rockhopper "Great!" said G "do it again." So rockhopper fed the machine stinky cheese and he came out.

chapter3 rockhopper set sails Edit

"Fair winds!"said rockhopper. "Goodbye rockhopper!" Said everyone And that's the end of that story


The end