Leadereawanahaloogtie the supreme leader of our tribe -let the to think)celebrations begin!

Kinakongwailee- Yeah!

NaNaNaHenyakoranavu-Woo hoo!

In the meanwhile,on the island,Libirdy was drinking a smoothie at the coffee shop with his alien puffle,Bink,who was named after Jar Jar Binks and the video game company Bink video.

His friends Rossi4268 and Puffledude9 came to the coffee shop

Rossi:I heard rockhopper is hiring new recruits

Puffledude9:Let's go get our friends,Flapdap,Picarito yo, and Dragonfly!

Libirdy:Great idea! I think I saw them at the mall!

They went to the mall and met their friends