Today was the start of the Marvel War. I was pouring a cup of coffee for a customer. The coffee shop was not busy as three out of six shipments of coffee beans didn't make it here, causing the prices to rise. When the customer walked out, a bomb exploded. I ran out to help the victims. The customer was shocked but okay. Two minutes later five ambulances and ten police cars arrived on scene. A police officer started asking me questions. I answered them.

Later that day, when I got home, I shared the day's news with my family. They were shocked at what happened and happy that I was okay.

The next day I went back to work. The coffee shop was now empty. Everything was silent. Suddenly, the air siren blared. Then I heard enemy planes. I ran out of the coffee shop, across snow forts, into the plaza, and climbed underground. Then the planes started bombing the city.

Ten minutes later, the bombings stopped. I walked out to a state of ruins. Everything was on fire. Firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars rolled in. Barricades were put down. I ran to the mine.i told my family to go there if anything bad had happened. I saw my family. I let out a sigh of relief.

Later that night, while everyone was asleep, I mad plans to go to Rockhopper Island. The President of Club Penguin had gone there, and Rockhopper allowed any Club Penguinian to go in. I packed all my family's clothes.

The next day My family and I proceeded to the dock. We then took a boat. Two hours later we arrived at Rockhopper Island. Ten Rockhopperan soldiers led my boat group to the refugee camp. Once I got there, I could find that the camp was almost full, but it was clean. the camp was supposed to be temporary. I had enough CPC to buy a small house in Redpuffle, the capital.