My friend and I are both YouTubers and we make gaming videos, and a few reaction videos, one-day my friend came over, I was searching the internet, my friend said: "Hey dude, have you heard about club penguin?" "club penguin? I'll try it" I said, After creating an account I started playing it for a little, and I liked it, Then my friends said: "Did you know club penguin has a youtube channel?" I checked it out, it mostly had some shorts and interviews, not too much, then we saw a video called "Have a Great Song - Offical Music Video and some more crap like that" It said it was uploaded 1 day ago, and it only had 1,022 views, "That look's like a new club penguin music video, check it out" my friend said, So we watched it. The video started off with some random penguin just doing some random dance moves, "In a way, this is kinda cringy" I said, After the penguin does that for about 18 seconds or so, the screen goes black, when the black screen was gone, the penguin just kept dancing, me and my friend was just wondering what was gonna happen, after the penguin stopped dancing "YAY" she started singing "Not anybody is a great dancer, but you will always be a great and rad dude, I will like to award you something for your rad moves" she said, then the screen goes black again, my friend and I were starting to get creeped out, after the black screen, the penguin is seen with a gun, and she starts shooting almost every penguin in the dance club, when that was done, she said: "You will forever be a great dancer, cadence out" and then she kill's herself, my friend was in shock, I was in shock too, another black screen showed, flashing text showed, we couldn't really make out on what it said, my friend ran out of my house, I was too scared to even walk, every time I hear the word club penguin, I just remember of that penguin killing herself, I'm too scared to go to sleep, no more. NO MORE!!!!!