• Djdiamondx


    May 28, 2017 by Djdiamondx

    Hello there! I'm DJDiamondx and I love writing stories! I have all kinds of Crazy ideas, inspired by the littlest of things! Also check me out on CP stores wiki and CP wiki!

    I hope you enjoy the sotries I will write!

    Stories I have written on this wiki:

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  • KEGS116

    The Beta Test (story)

    January 2, 2016 by KEGS116



    The first was Experimental Penguins, Super old, the website closed of being old and the 2nd is Penguin Chat, others started remaking it like creating a new web and inputs another copy of Penguin Chat

    At the day when Club Penguin created (2005, Oct.24), The mods started beta testing and so happy for the new game that RSnail created. Beta tested: Mancala and others

    One day (continue v),

    2012, Damen started remaking Old Club Penguin and the url and game changed to other, But its back.

    Continue again (v)

    I joined in August 2012, Quitted on 2012/2013/2014 (aka went to other games or continued school) and I'm back from idk, October or like August, i can't remember but anyways,

    Continue again and again! (v)

    2013 or …

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  • KEGS116

    A story about Herbert

    January 2, 2016 by KEGS116

    One day, Herbert born with a good situation and cute.

    Fairy Godmother 1: I will make him good!

    Fairy Godmother 2: Yes you're right with that!

    Fairy Godmother 2: I will make him cute and huggable and exclusively, a geek!

    At that day, The word OMG created.

    Fairy Godmother 1: OMG!!!!!! :O

    At that day, Herbert grown nice and enrolled on a school named "The Penguin Bear University" and started to be "Top 1" on the achievers list.

    Herbert: *shows medal*

    Herbert: Best on English, Best on Country Trivia, Best on Math, Best on Following Our God, Best On Grammar aka English, Best time went to school, dferygfyergferyfgreyfgfygfyergfyergfyfgeryfg

    Father Herbert: Nice work son.

    At the day that he's adult, He has a step father. When they have a wedding with her m…

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  • Anna15790

    What happens next???

    February 19, 2015 by Anna15790

    Lemme just say after all this work, including Herbert's revenge, lest have a little fun... Shall we? I will start with an opening paragraph, and you pick one of four choices, then you say a paragraph of what happens, and put four choices. K? Okay!

    Once upon a time, there was a dumb little penguin named bob, he was a tour guide, and he just got his new job! But he sucked at his job a lot. But one day, a penguin came up to him with his friends and said, " Teach me about this awesome place, I just joined!!!" Bob was confused and just said... UHHHHHH but really, bob was just to lazy to do a thing.

    What does the penguin do?? a) Kill bob

    B) Give him a pie and say "It was a troll. Lol. Take my apology pie"

    C) turns bob into a brony

    D) leaves

    Pick one! …

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  • JJnk9

    Herbert Rises

    June 1, 2014 by JJnk9

    Coming soon!

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  • Magnet Mario

    Chapter 1, An Unexpected Morning                                                                                                                    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    YAWNNNN! I, Magnet Mario, woke up in my cosy home. It was a new day in the Club Penguin World where everything is there that you could ever imagine. I was eating breakfeast when I heard a LOUD knock on the door. I changed and went to the door and opened it and BAM! I got by a hard snowball and fainted. After a few hours I woke up and saw that I wasn't in my cosy home any more, I was in a room where they had jail cells and I was in on…

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  • Mikaxx

    The Journey Part 2

    July 21, 2013 by Mikaxx

    "Oh no... I didn't bring anything either." Said Shaina. "What should we do?" Asked Lyndel. Shaina looked down, she saw a aqua sled. "Look, we should use the aqua sled." Said Shaina. "Is there another sled?" Asked Lyndel. "Nope. But we can share the sled." Answered Shaina. "Okay." Said Lyndel. Shaina and Lyndel sat on the sled. "Are you ready?" Asked Shaina. "Yep." Repiled Lyndel. Shaina and Lyndel sled down the top mountain. "This is fun!" Laughed Shaina. "Shaina, LOOK! A ROCK! TURN QUICK!" Cried Lyndel. "HOW DO I TUR-" Asked Shaina. But when she said that, they hit the rock. Both of them fell off the Top Mountain. They were somewhere else.

    Part 3 coming soon.

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  • Mikaxx

    The Journey Part 1

    July 20, 2013 by Mikaxx

    One day in a peaceful morning in Club Penguin, there was a girl named Shaina. Her full name was Shaina Santner. She was a trader. She trades alot with her friend, Lyndel. "I'm so bored... Maybe I could trade with my friend." Said Shaina. Shaina got out of her bed. She opened her pink purse and looked through for perfect stuff to trade with her friend. Shaina got out a bracelet. The bracelet was white and pink. She zipped her purse. Shaina ran out of her room and opened the door. It was beautiful outside Club Penguin. Shaina flipped her green and long hair and walked to Lyndel's house. Shaina knocked Lyndel's door. Lyndel opened the door. "Oh hello!!" Lyndel said with a smile. "Hi, wanna trade stuff?" Asked Shaina. '"Nah, I don't feel like …

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  • Ebkas

    Herberts Strike

    July 19, 2013 by Ebkas

    Ebakas. Latest in Secret Agent technology. My neighbour Ebakas is just about to go on her first mission![1]I got hold of Ebakas and led her to Herbert’s Base.

    “There’s Herbert!” she whispered. Eba Flare and I hid behind a safe. Klutzy went past. We saw captive puffles in a laser cage. [2]Eba ran to save them but I stopped her. 

    “We will rescue them later when Herbert isn’t around,” I said. Then, “He’s gone. Get the puffles and I’ll destroy the machines.”

    I pushed two signal senders together. A fire started. [3]“LET’S GET OUTTA HERE!” I screamed to Ebakas, as she rounded up the puffles.

    We both teleported to the EPF HQ.

    “Mission accomplished!” we said to G and went back home.

    The End


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  • Wolf-gangs


    September 27, 2012 by Wolf-gangs


    Welcome to the Club Penguin Stories! We hope you can write stories about Club Penguin!

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